Escape Artist is the most credible title I would give myself, above designer, writer and illustrator. Ditching the kids without deserting them for time in the study to earn a living as a graphic designer is by far the most honed skill on my long list. After studying print graphic design for three years, mastering Adobe Creative suite over 20 years in the design field has nothing on the effort needed to accomplish an amicable household ambience and satisfied freelance clients.

Advertising agency studios were key in shaping my discipline and work ethic and honing the endless creative flare that graphic design is fueled by – but running my own one-man studio was by far the most challenging in adding client relations and ridiculously boring admin to the growing list of skills – not to mention keeping the self-employed-salary coming in every month with alarmingly difficult sales journeys.

Enter the offspring. A twenty-four-hour day suddenly became four, and freelancing for companies already taking care of the ridiculously boring admin and client relations freed up some time to keep my sanity and earn a living. Illustration and writing have crept into the skills list and are even starting to pull their weight on the monthly bill paying challenge.

Have a look at the portfolio pages and then give me a call if you think I can help you with lending you some of my skills in growing your business.